Coffin Supply

We supply a comprehensive range of coffins from both Irish and international manufacturers. Our coffins are made from only the finest raw materials and are made by master craftsmen.
For the environmentally conscious, we provide a range of environmental friendly coffin varieties, designed to limit the effect on the surrounding environment and landscape.

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Oak Coffins

Oak has been used in the manufacture of coffins for generations. The resin of oak gives this wood a beautiful external, smooth finish. Different varnishing techniques bring up a richer depth of colour and we have various examples of different finishes for clients to choose from.

Pine Coffins

Pine is considered a renewal material and as such pine coffins are an eco-friendly coffin material perfect for the environmentally conscious client. Pine coffins come in a range of styles from the highly ornate to the elegantly simple.


Wicker coffins are an environmentally friendly option for clients. These beautiful coffins are available in a number of different styles and colours.

Mahogany Coffins

Mahogany coffins are a very popular choice in Ireland. Mahogany Coffins boost a rich solid exterior that radiates tradition. Our mahogany coffins are available in a range of different styles and different colour shades.

For more information on our comprehensive selection of coffins or to arrange a viewing, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.