We offer clients a full cremation service. In partnership with Island Crematorium, we continue our tradition of respect and sensitivity to families whilst offering this service.
Island Crematorium shares our commitment to sensitivity and providing a beautiful poignant service to honour the memory of the passed on loved one.
Costigan's Funeral Home organises everything on behave of the family. Our long term partnership with Island Crematorium means we guarantee a smooth fuss free service that allows the family to concentrate on their grief.
We also get in contact with religious organisations in accordance with the deceased or the family's wishes.

For more information on our cremation service, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Island Crematorium

Island Crematorium is made up of a team of professionals, with years of experience in providing respectful cremations for clients around Cork and Tipperary.
Like Costigan's Funeral Home, island crematorium is committed to treating the family and the deceased with the uppermost dignity and respect. Their cremations, in their beautiful crematorium, are marked by services that honour the wishes of the deceased and the dearly bereaved.
They make available a selection of urns, built from only the finest quality materials. Their team can help guide family members to selecting the right Urn for the remains of their loved one.

For more information on Island Crematorium, visit their website or get in contact with Costigan's Funeral Home.